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The Spartan Ambassadors are a group of dedicated students committed to the positive promotion of Damien High School. Ambassadors serve as liaisons between the Damien community and prospective students. Each member will have unique opportunities to develop communication, public relations, marketing, and interpersonal skills. 
Serving as a Spartan Ambassador is a commitment, as it requires a donation of time during class, lunches, evenings, and some weekends. They must maintain at least satisfactory grades, foresee any academic assignments, be proactive when completing homework or test preparation, and communicate with their teachers well ahead of Ambassador duties. Ambassadors are visible at many community and campus events including: Campus Tours, Shadow Days, Middle School Visits, prospective student visits, 8th grade Information Nights, and any other events related to marketing and outreach. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Applications for the Spartan Ambassador program open in April for the following academic year. Students interested in learning more or applying next school year are encouraged to read through the information on these pages and contact Mr. Odin at [email protected] or Mrs. Roumi at [email protected] with any questions.
Please read through the information below to have a clear understanding of the program's focus, commitment, and important dates before submitting an application.
Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors (sophomores, juniors and seniors for the 2024-2025 academic year may apply to be an Ambassador by submitting an application. 
Applications are closed.
Read the information below, ask a current Ambassador, or contact Mr. Odin at [email protected], Mrs. Roumi at [email protected], or Mr. Stewart at [email protected] with questions. 
Spartan Ambassadors Focus On:
      • Public relations
      • Prospective Students
      • Outreach and Marketing
Time Commitment
Mandatory meetings are required before the start of the fall semester. 
August: Half day Ambassador Training (TBA)
Monthly: Ambassadors are required to fulfill an obligation of five (5) outreach events per semester, which may involve off campus presentations or after school outreach events. Additionally, Ambassadors will be asked to host prospective students for 1:1 Shadow Days on campus during the school day. Of the 10 outreach events per academic year, the following events are mandatory: Middle School BBQ, Fall Open House, Spring Open House, and Graduation (juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and new Ambassadors for the following academic year).
Mark Odin, Director of Marking and Outreach | 909.596.1946 ext. 834 |  [email protected]
Sirine Roumi, Admissions and Outreach Coordinator | 909.596.1946 ext. 273 | [email protected]
James Stewart, Admissions and Outreach | 909.596.1946 ext. 812 | [email protected]